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A disruptive sound intervention, to make students aware of each others emotions within the school.

Wander is an intervention created during my exchange at DSKD (designskolen Kolding) in collaboration with my classmates. The goal of this project was to integrate play design with interaction design. We mainly wanted to focus on how emotions and sound can be connected together in combination with a certain location within the school. 

We wanted to map out on what locations within the school students felt a strong emotion and what sounds they associated with it. One of our probes was a sound diary, in which we asked students to document sounds they encountered, where and what emotion that triggered. We also implemented embedded research in which we asked students to use stickers to indicate what emotion they felt and in which location within the school this was. 

When we concluded our research, we decided we wanted to create a disruptive sound installation throughout the school so students would be made aware of the emotion connected to that location. We concluded a lot of the students actually don't talk enough about their emotions and what their experiences were within the school. 

The main goal of Wander was to make the students aware of the emotions from their fellow students. We used movement sensors and audio tapes and recorded several sounds within the school to use for our intervention. The sounds were all based on the recordings we gathered from the sound diaries. We created several Wander boxes and placed them throughout the school. When a student would pass by the sensor a recording would start playing (sound connected to that place). When the student got disruptive and heard the sound they would move closer to the sensor, which in return would start playing the emotion (story) connected to that location. 

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