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My name is Doedelz and I'm an independent designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Within my work I create awareness by evoking emotions through speculative and conceptual design supported by theoretical research. Another way for me to create awareness and find engagement with my audience is through illustrations. From detailed line work and patterns too bold and playful hand lettering with a personal touch. Handmade and authentic designs with a personal story behind every stroke. 

What is creativity without caffeine? As a designer I'm also very passionate about brewing coffee.

There is more than 'just a cup of coffee'. There is a story and journey behind every cup. ​​​​



2011 - 2014 Graphic design - Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

2015 - 2017 Packaging design - Willem de Kooning Academy

2017 - 2020 Graphic design - Willem de Kooning Academy

2019 -Exchange program,  Communication design - DSKD, Kolding, Denmark 



2016 Formlab, Amsterdam

2016 BOOM packaging (Snowdonuts), The Hague

2018 OD Design agency, Rotterdam




2020 Marketing & design - Bocca coffee

2021 Graphic design & packaging design - I'M NOT A BARISTA

2021 Freelance graphic designer & barista

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