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Tarrot deck illustrations - Competence assessment

For the competence assessment during my 3rd year I decided to create a tarrot deck based on the 6 competences needed to pass that year. 

During my 3rd year of graphic design, we had to write a report and give a presentation of our portfolio in order to pass the competence assessment. The decision to create a tarrot deck came from the idea how we reflect back on our past (what was the previous feedback), our present (where are we now) and our future (what we still need to improve or work on).

Seeing how I'm always looking for a way to make people turn more inwards, reflect and think about the topics I want to talk about, I found a tarrot deck a good communication tool. 

I transformed the current competence titles into arcane titles, also seen in tarrot decks, and used an alter-ego in ways fitting to the competences. 

The illustrations created for this tarrot deck are a reflection of myself. I chose to show vulnerability and the hardship I sometimes had to go through in order to pass that competence during my studies. The katanas used in every illustration are a symbol of how my creativity is an extension of my body, and that it's a part of who I am. A katana has 2 sides, one that protects and one that can hurt... This is the same for me with creativity, sometimes we have to struggle to better understand ourselves.

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