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Subbase media

A playground where lifestyle meets music, where you can enjoy a wide variety of different subcultures.

Subbase media is a platform made by people who are passionate about music and where it is a part of their everyday life. It's not the one or the other but they also take a look at the lifestyle and history that comes with the different genres of music. The platform offers a wide variety of information such as articles to stay up to date with what's going on in the music industry. They have created playlists with up to date music in the chosen genre but also music that they have on repeat for themselves, music they listen to themselves too. 

The logo for Subbase media was created by the idea of stencils that were often used for graffiti.

After experimenting with various styles and compositions we went for a typeface stencil that embodied a retro meets modern style. The design of the final logo was made in a neon style to recreate a contrast of the nightclubs or the bright signs you often come across when waiting outside of a club. 

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