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Bocca: Oat label

A coffee blend that was created for oat milk

For Bocca I created a playful label for their coffee blend that fitted oat milk outstandingly well. Today you can almost find oat milk in any coffee cafe, but traditionally coffee is roasted without oat milk in mind. Bocca added a bit of a washed robusta coffee from a farm that is situated at a high altitude in Uganda. They decided to give this unpopular variety a chance as the beans were especially prepared and processed for Bocca according to their high quality standards. 

The robusta beans bring an extra sweetness with more body and a thick crema. These beans were blended with their best arabica beans to ensure the right balance between the oat milk and coffee. The coffee contains notes of dark chocolate and brown sugar. 

The label was firstly created by hand and was built up with minimalistic oat illustrations and a hand lettered title.

Since the design was very playful and this would be an exclusive coffee I wanted the label to pop out more compared to their other coffees they had on their shelves. This resulted in the 'spilled' milk coming out of the rectangle shaped label.  

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