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I'm not a Barista

Drinking coffee is an universal language that is spoken across the world, it's something that connects us. 

Rarely do people know the effort that goes into creating that enjoyable cup of coffee. 

I'm not a barista is a non-profit organisation with the focus on connecting people, both amateurs as professionals across the world. They want to help baristas across the world and to make a social impact. 

One of their recent projects that I helped out with was the Brewing guide. This project started with sharing tips on how to brew a delicious cup of coffee at home, especially when more and more people had to work from home. The projects main focus was to bring people together and share their knowledge and techniques for a better brewed coffee. 

In the deck you will find various brewing method recipes from: pour overs aeropress, french press to moka pot. These recipes became a collection of recipes that got tested and then were selected to become part of the brewing guide. Just as you have cook books, now you would have a deck of cards with various brewing methods to get better or to experiment with different tools or recipes. The selected recipes all come from either coffee champions, experts or people who just love to brew a nice cup of coffee. 

For this project I was responsible for the packaging and card designs and the technical aspects that were involved, such as making sure all the files were fitted for manufacturing. Next to that I also had the honour to collaborate with an other creative coffee brewer to create infographic style brewing illustrations that would explain how the various brewing methods worked. My colleague who was across the globe, and who had a different style of illustrating, made it work in such a way we both had illustrations that fitted together. 

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