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Drama Fruit

Drama fruit is a fashion brand that dares to stand out from the crowd. colourful and playful fashion in which you dare to be yourself. 

Drama fruit is a brand ran by Marek, that makes original pieces of clothing in which you dare to stand out.

Each piece is carefully tailored and made by hand to fit you. Marek is a big fan of playing around with different kinds of fabrics and crazy patterns, so he was in need of a logo that fitted him and his brand.

Marek already had a clear idea of what kind of logo he wanted, it needed to be as playful as him with lots of colours and a little eyewink to the 70's style. Bold lines and sharp angles in the brightest colours, sometimes even complementary to each other to stand out even more. The typeface for the logo was carefully designed to fit the already out going and bold visual mark it made. The typeface was handwritten so it would convey that personal touch Marek gives to each of his fashion pieces. 

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